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50m2 Terracover"V" Flooring - East Sussex

Price: £1250 £1050 +VAT ono
Terracover"V" Flooring
Terracover"V" is the ultimate protection for grass and provides a solid base for events. It has been specifically designed for use in stadiums and large arenas during concert load-in and load-out.
We have used this flooring a small number of times for our geodesic domes. Its in great condition and is ready to go.
Terracover"V" flooring can be laid by hand and is manufactured from translucent high density polyethylene plastic that allows grass to continue growing normally – this will keep the Groundstaff happy!!
It costs us £70/m2 We would be happy to let it go for less than half this.

£1250 £1050 +VAT ono

Terracover"V" Flooring
| Quantity: 80
Up for sale is a Rubber Box RUB270H1 - 63AMP Power Distribution Box, never used. We bought this for a job last year and the site had already booked one in and the supplier wouldn't return.

£700 +VAT

Rubberbox power distribution for sale
In very good condition.
Great for storage as they flat pack down into a small easy to carry envelope-like shape.
Easy to clean and very comfortable at any type of event, from dining to conferences.
We have 100+ in white

£25 including VAT

White chairs
| Quantity: 100
A bespoke routed set of ply coffee tables with white Corian tops.
Looks fantastic internally lit

£50 +VAT

Bespoke coffee tables
| Quantity: 5

Sold 18x White Cube Seating - Brede, East Sussex

Price: £45 including VAT
Cube seating
18x cube seats with faux leather vinyl removable tops. In excellent condition
We also have some spare pre cut pieces to make these up, plus the CAD file.
We'll throw these in if lot is sold as a whole.

£45 including VAT

Cube seating
| Quantity: 18
Up for sale is a range of very well kept drinking glasses and 500 x500mm glass washer racks with some lids and dolly wheels.
Please see pictures for exact quantities.
Pints, Highballs, Wine, Flutes, Crystal Martini and Heavy Shots.
Would suit any restaurant, mobile bar business, small hotel.
Always washed with the use of an inline water filter.
Cost us over £2400

£1200 £990 +VAT

glass washer racks
Heavyweight and great quality wooden topped poseur table with timeless stainless steel leg and foot support.

£75 +VAT ono

Wooden poseur tables
| Quantity: 8
Used only once and is now surplus to requirements in stock.
Includes sealed air beam system for increased wind speeds and additional event safety measures.
Fans included
Stable in wind conditions of up to 55mph
Really quick installation. A great starter structure for an event company.
Includes zip in night sheets and air closure doors.
15 x 15 x 7.6m Exterior measurements. 185m2 usable interior space.
Packs down to 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.6m
Purchase cost at new £27100 + VAT plus shipping. Our price £9000 + VAT collection from Sussex.

£9000 +VAT

15 x 15m Inflatable Cube With Sealed Airbeams
All In Arctic White. Pleated with Nylon hooks, Velcro joins Lining and weight pocket at bottom
Ideal for any 2.3m leg marquee.
Curtain Walls in 3m sections x 5
3m gutter linings

£250 +VAT

White pleated lining for sale
| Quantity: 15

Sold Large White Floor Lantern - East Sussex

Price: £100 +VAT
White Metal Floor Lantern For Sale

£100 +VAT

White Metal Floor Lantern For Sale
| Quantity: 7

Sold Metal Floor Lanterns - East Sussex

Price: £90 +VAT
Metal Floor Lanterns
6 Metal and glass floor lanterns with rope handles
Comes with 4 extra sheets of glass.
56cm H
18cm W X 18cm L
Click here for more info and contact details......

£90 +VAT

Metal Floor Lanterns
| Quantity: 6

Sold Tapered Glass Vases - East Sussex

Price: £20 +VAT
Tapered Glass Vases For Sale
Set of 11 tapered glass vases
20cm H
7cm W bottom
5cm W top
Click here for more info and contact details......

£20 +VAT

Tapered Glass Vases For Sale
| Quantity: 11
Bespoke CNC routed hanging pieces complete with velcro on string drapes.
We have x 4 off these, look fantastic in any venue.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£450 +VAT

Circular String Drape Centre Pieces
Never used.
Each section is 700 x 450 x 60mm with 4 50mm channels for cabling or piping.
32 pieces
Click to see full listing
| Quantity: 32
Very good condition. With 8 triangular clear PVC panels.
Great for evening events.
Please note this is just for the PVC roof, no metal structure included.
Click for full listing inc. Contact details

£650 £600 +VAT

6m Pagoda Semi Panoramic Roof by Custom Covers
This is a huge flight case which could be used for furniture it's that big.
In very good condition, this is about 5 years old but has left the warehouse 2 times hence why we're selling.
Size measures at 1850 x W 790 x H 1200mm (1310mm high with Wheels). Exterior dimensions
Heavy duty foam lined.
Penn Elcom parts.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£180 +VAT

Extra Large Flight Case With Wheels
This impressive lacquered finish bar with laminate sides bolts together with a connecting colour changing wifi lighting system, change the colour from your phone or tablet.
Comes with 4 x 1.5 sinks.
Please note this bar is in used condition but still goes out for high end corporate functions as a real focal piece.
Click to see more photos and contact details

£5500 £4300 +VAT

Round LED Portable Bar

£5 +VAT

Waste Jerry Cans 20L
| Quantity: 4
Gorgeous designer tables. Bottom weighted.
Starck intended this to be durable enough to use in public places like cafes and restaurants, but attractive enough to have at home as well.
Click to see the full listing and contact details

£100 +VAT

Phillippe Starck designer table
| Quantity: 12
Comes in two pieces to zip together, can be use either half at 10 x 7.5m or join together.
In good condition but will show some signs of use.
Comes with 4 x 1.5hp fans with tidy flight cases.
Really quick installation. A great starter structure for an event company.
Demo possible at our warehouse in East Sussex.
Purchase cost at new £14900 + VAT plus shipping. Our price £8800 + VAT.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£8800 +VAT

10 x 15m Inflatable Turtle GT
Dutch lace wall pairs.
Very Good Condition.
Used once.

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£90 +VAT

3m Pagoda Panoramic Clear Walls by Custom Covers - East Sussex

Sold Disco Balls - East Sussex

Price: £10 +VAT
10" Disco Balls
Used once 10 inch disco balls with loop hook for hanging
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£10 +VAT

10" Disco Balls
| Quantity: 12

Sold Ultradeck Modular Floor - East Sussex

Price: £1550 +VAT
Ultradeck Modular Floor
Ultradeck modular flooring 70m2. Used once and in brilliant condition-64 pieces, 3 x 2 bits to a piece.
Includes 28 female and 32 male black edge ramps which will cover 18m of edging.
£1550 the lot. Will not split.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1550 +VAT

Ultradeck Modular Floor

Sold In Line Duct Fan S&P - East Sussex

Price: £120 +VAT
In Line Duct Fan
TD 2000 315mm inlet and outlet. By Soler & Palau, made in Spain
Smaller TD350 and TD 500 Available
Click to see full listing and contact details

£120 +VAT

In Line Duct Fan
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